The 3 Rs

The application of the 3Rs is without a doubt one of the most important concepts to be utilized when it comes to purchasing new equipment. Once a firm understanding of how it works is adopted by the purchasing dept, hidden costs associated with production downtime, less than effective equipment assets and the big one, loss of market share due to a reputation of being unable to deliver on time.

What are the 3Rs? Repair, Retrofit and Re-manufacture. Repair refers to the replacement of broken or worn parts necessary to get equipment up and running and back online. Retrofit has to do with the up grate of older machinery to new technology to enhance the interface between both generations or to improve effectiveness of existing equipment. Remanufacture means to completely disassemble machinery, machine to original tolerances, replace all worn parts and inner workings with new parts to meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) specifications.

  • Remanufacture

Most often elements of retrofitting are included during the remanufacture due to the convenience of machine accessibility. Knowledge of the 3Rs pays big benefits when it comes time to purchase new assets. Always purchase equipment with remanufacturing in the original design. Think of the millions of miles available from a diesel engine Vs a gasoline engine limited to around 1ook and in most cases limited remanufacturing options. The hidden costs are damaging to your bottom line.