Robotic Applications

Many expect robotic applications to set record numbers in the market place over the next five years. In the past 35 years, our team has integrated more than a few robots. We have experience feeding parts or other products to the robot and taking pieces away to secondary operations like palletizing or packaging. 

One of the crucial aspects of robotic technology is the end of arm tooling (EOAT). It refers to the equipment required to interact with other parts and components, usually at the end of a robotic arm. If you want professional help to support your project, we are always willing to cater to your needs.

Our Partner in Robotic Application

Our Journey in the Robotic Applications Industry

Years working with the top OEM or original equipment manufacturers have taught us many lessons. Robot manufacturers are more interested in selling out-of-the-box robots than the business’s integration side. Unless you are such a large user and commit to purchasing in large quantities, commanding their respect.

Jim Cendoma started his career over 35 years ago as an equipment designer, builder, and integrator responsible for the entire project. Each project he does comes with its own unique set of challenges. Plus, every project will reveal a few glitches, depending how one handles glitches makes all the difference in the world. Especially during the installation and start-up phase. When glitches rear their ugly heads it’s time  to pull your high performance team together and tap into their brain power to keep moving forward.. Every team member knows their job and a reminder of the faith the project leader has in their abilities coupled with team empowerment will keep the project on track and done on time. 

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