High-Speed Automation

The design approach of high-speed automation equipment must begin with the machine operator’s safety in mind. It is interesting when motion control engineers, equipment application engineers, and process control engineers start their designs with safety regulations and OSHA-approved procedures as a priority, it always leads to better design effectiveness

It is always essential to adhere to safety requirements regardless of the test on design skills and unnecessary extra engineering challenges. This situation often results in the best design, highest overall process, and machine effectiveness.

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How We Can Help You

At Sterling Innovations Group Inc., our team designs and integrates high-speed manufacturing automation equipment to meet and exceed customer specifications. One of our priorities here is to ensure the safety of all operating personnel. 

Our team includes the following professionals:

  • Design engineers
  • Application engineers
  • PLC engineers 
  • Safety engineers

They meet early on with your team to develop the correct specifications and application needs to generate the most effective project scope and work statement. By doing so, we can get the highest success probability. Be hassle-free because we assemble the best team of automation engineers to get the job done right and on time.