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Problems and risks in the business industry are quite challenging. Let Sterling Innovations Group Inc., lead by Jim Cendoma, deliver the appropriate solutions providing benefits to you and your company.

We commit ourselves to extend professional help to many businesses throughout the industrial and commercial world. Our primary focus is to eliminate pain points, mitigate the risks and bring benefits. Have Solutions,Will Travel! Engineered solutions satisfying your concerns with material handling equipment, manufacturing automation, warehouse automation, robotics, safety, SCADA, and more.

Your Trusted Partner in Solving Business Problems

Let our hardworking, innovative team help you handle issues regarding safety, automation, robotics, and more. Sterling Innovations Group Inc. can surely do the work for you.

Reduce Risks, Eliminate Issues, and Make a Difference

From safety risk assessment, material handling equipment, robotics application, and even mentoring, we offer it all! We are your trusted professional solutions provider established to meet your needs. 

Why Choose Us

In running a business, owners inevitably encounter many issues and risks. With this, it is our great joy to adhere to your needs through application engineering. Together,all of us  make the best team, bringing you benefits, value, and needs fulfillment. We also ensure to eliminate your pain points to help you increase your profits. 

When you need help designing, building, installing, and integrating the right equipment, Sterling Innovations Group Inc. is always ready to extend service. Our team exerts their utmost effort to meet customer needs or even exceed expectations, allowing them to succeed.

Did you know?

Workplace injuries occur every seven seconds. According to the NSC, when a worker gets hurt every seven seconds, it translates to 12,600/day and 4.6 million/year. So, it is always better to reach out to service providers to help you secure your workplace. 



We guarantee high-quality services that specifically cater to your business needs.



Since we assemble a well-founded professional team, we can deliver an accurate and proper job matching and in most cases exceeding your expectations.




We extend our help in maintaining a safe and secure work environment for you and your employees through our safety risk assessment, safety risk reminder, and material handling equipment services.



Our team ensures to provide professional and timely services designed to help your business flourish.



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