Safety Risk Assessment

A safety risk based assessment is a systematic process for determining and handling work environment hazards. There must be a thorough evaluation of the entire workplace, equipment, and operations to identify employee safety risks.

At Sterling Innovations Group Inc., we provide the following

  1. Engaging you at your plant, Have Solutions, Will Travel!
  2. Examining your overall plant floor.
  3. Pinpointing immediate safety violations.
  4. Speak with safety team and machine operators to obtain suggestions 
  5. Generating a proposal addressing your plant’s safety needs, including the required equipment’s design specifications.


Our Partner in Solution Provider

The Importance of Safety Audit in the Workplace

It always breaks our hearts when a customer calls us to conduct a safety audit or quote machine guarding after an employee has suffered an event or injury. Unfortunately, this scenario seems to happen far too often,the hard way.  

Safety audits are among the many methods our team employes to look for high-risk areas in the workplace. By doing so, we can generate solutions to make the work environment safer. The following are reasons why you should consider our safety risk assessment or safety audit services in your plant:

  • We can help you find safety violations and then think about solutions to eliminate them, such as fail safe controls, designed to fail in safe mode regardless of what/who initiated the event. 
  • We can assist you in developing a safety-minded culture among your employees.
  • Propose some equipment up grades needed  to function better/safer 
  • Equipment to monitor your processes,  cameras and integrated safety devices, machine guarding for the entire work area comply with the OSHA standards. 
  • Emergency Management Software, EMS designed to make sure all safety equipment, regulations and training are the same and practiced on a regular schedule acrosse all company plants