Steel Forming Equipment

The beauty of metal is it’s malleability. Steel can be shaped and fitted into anything your mind can imagine. It can be ground into a powder and pressed , 3D printed, welded, rolled, hydraulic forming ,sheet pressed, cut with a saw, sheared, drilled and tapped , precision cut with a waterjet or laser, hardened to specifications, heated treated and machined.

There are thousands of metal alloys to choose from to meet strength, corrosion resistance , hardness and heat specifications. Steel can take any shape desired. All it takes is the right steel forming equipment with the torque and working horsepower to get the job done.

There are many fab shops with the ability to do most of the above list, few can do it all. Welding special alloys and heat treating can be a challenge for most shops, a metallurgist may have to be consulted. Tube bending is another stand along service. This is where we bring the all important benefits of knowing what shops are set up to meet certain metal forming requirements. 


It’s a daunting task to try and meet all the unique design specifications in the steel forming world. My favorite pet peeves are missed delivery dates or unrealistic delivery dates and project scope creep. Picking the best steel forming shop for your project makes all the difference. Let’s review your requirements, pick the best shop and guide your project to a successful completion. Have Solutions/ Will Travel!