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We are your solutions provider whose mission is to understand your business environment, help your team make informed decisions and set functional strategies.

What are the chances you need a professional’s help in eliminating your business issues regarding automation, processes, and equipment? What are the safety risks facing the employees within your plant? Have Solutions, Will Travel!


Our Partners in Solution Provider

Business Problems

When referring to business risk, it is definitely a broad category. It applies to any situation or event with the potential to prevent you from accomplishing your business objectives, needs and goals. 

 There are many “solutions providers”, ready today, to ask you for  your trust. Sterling Innovations Group Inc. sets  ourselves apart from the crowd through an Innovative approach, proven track record and the ability to demonstrate why you should trust us.


Committed to Giving You
Optimal Solutions

Our service and experience has evolved over the years throughout the process control/system integration world. Each customer and project encounter has its own unique set of needs, challenging our team to come up with various unique solutions. Each solution/proposal we make is customer centric designed to match your business needs and objectives.


Whenever you need support regarding safety, material handling equipment, process automation, project management, and application engineering, we are the right people to join your team