Optimum Solutions designed to Help Businesses Flourish

Who We Are

With our presence and experience of more than 35 years in the industry, Sterling Innovations Group Inc. provides beneficial solutions designed to help many businesses to drive success. We are your trusted solutions provider from manufacturing equipment design, material handling equipment, motion control equipment, vision inspection, team building, entrepreneurship, mentoring, process improvement, and more. 

Our face is the last one the customer sees before they issue a purchase order, which means the buck stops with us. So, we ensure to develop proven processes, benefits to help customers discover their hidden needs throughout the years.


What Makes Us Unique

We create proposals to increase customer profits and avoid wasting the customer’s precious time. Most importantly, we provide accurate data, demonstrating a project’s probability of success. Guarding our integrity and reputation is paramount. Regardless of how much the amount is on the table, we always stand with honesty. Our proven track record and customer references speak for themselves.


Our Vision

We envision and position ourselves to be responsible for our integrity, honesty, promises, and success. We also aim to obtain the ability to surround ourselves with like-minded teams and individuals to help each other succeed.


Our Mission

Our mission is to assemble the most talented, creative, and innovative team, then serve to make clients the project heroes. Our team is always ready to apply products and services engineered to meet or exceed customer needs. We also aim to eliminate pain points, unsafe environments and bring profit-generating benefits to all people involved. Moreover, we share the profits with our employees through profit sharing and bonuses, then donate to local charities to benefit our community.


Our Customers

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    OEM/Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • noun_Car_1797979
    IE auto
  • noun_Truck_2332666
  • noun_Demolishing_3523039
    Heavy equipment supplier level
  • noun_Plane_2031494
    Transportation (rail, marine, aviation)
  • noun_Military Shield_3675709
    Military defense
  • noun_Forklift_9640
    Material handling tier 1
  • noun_food and beverage_2224887
    Food and beverage tier 1
  • noun_Medicine_3060583
    Pharmaceutical tier 1
  • noun_oil well_2817144
    Oil and Gas tier 2
  • noun_Hard Hat_15780
    Safety equipment tier 1