Proper Delegation

People say that entrepreneurs and small business owners must wear many hats to be successful. However, our experience for many years in the industry has proven this to be a myth. The reality is that the more hats one wears, the less effective one becomes at the things they do best. It tends to decrease your probability of success. 

The best approach is to do what you do best and properly delegate the rest with this scenario. This method gives you an increase in your likelihood of success. “Proper delegation” are the essential keywords that you must always remember. 

Why Do You Want to Practice Proper Delegation?

As we have observed, many entrepreneurs and managers have felt the pain of a less than successful delegation experience. They fall back into the trap of “it is easier to do it myself.” However, there are more advantages when you opt for proper delegation. 

Proper delegation can be challenging, especially when transitioning from doing all operations to passing along projects and working to those better qualified. Even through difficult times of being a perfectionist, you should always stay calm and communicate well with others.

Proper Delegation in Sales

A good example to point out is sales. Your sales reflect your role as a salesperson. If you know that your sales are not doing well, take a step back and think if you’re qualified as a salesperson. You must consider your role as a salesperson and see how much you can do to create better sales outcomes. 

If you are not capable of getting your sales up, then hire an all-pro salesperson. Give them all the materials and tools required to do a great job, listen to their feedback, and make adjustments. Then permit them to do what they do best so you can also perform the things you are great in.

The Sales Delegation Process

Of course, we mean employee progress reports, project tollgates, and stakeholder reviews by proper delegation. So, the person taking on the responsibility is free to do their job rather than hampered by the delegation process. When we say “get out of their way,” it is to avoid micromanaging. 

Sales are a great example for doing proper delegation. There are instances that you can’t help but be concerned about your all-pro salespersons’ style. But when you think they are too aggressive and tactfully assertive, get over it! It can help if you focus more on the correct performance criteria because sales are increasing and business is growing.

I have witnessed business owners fire high-performing sales pros because they had trouble accepting their style. Even though sales were through the roof with those qualified people, they still hire someone else. Some owners even prefer to hire those they are more comfortable with and be happy with declining or stagnating sales. 


Yes, you may be mindful of who you work with, but start trusting qualified people to do their jobs. You should do what you do best, properly delegate the rest, and get out of their way so you both can be successful!